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Oh Hello! 


My name is Hilal Ozkaya and I am an Product Designer based in Tampa, FL. I'm a curiously driven designer with a compassion for understanding user needs and motivations.  I’m an event planner, brand strategist turned UX Designer.  Leveraging my understanding of insights and brand positioning, I apply my knowledge into a tangible Human Centered Design solution.  I've turned to Product Design to combine both left and right brain thinking and have a creative outlet for my skills.


When not keeping up with the current UX trends, I enjoy time exploring new places by being outdoors and going on adventures, practicing yoga, and TMing when needed ;)

Some of my favorites: 

TV: Psych (you know that’s right!)

Sport: Tennis (Federer can’t retire)

Book: A Man Called Ove (I have read too many books to list them all but this is one of my top 5 favorites)

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