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Please feel free to browse a few of my selected projects. 

Product Designer 

Enterprise Application:
Developed an end to end platform for Merchants' 
Planning and Buying

Consumer facing:

  • Enhancing ad revenue for Kohl's Media Network

  • Elevating product recommendations for optimal customer experience 

Please contact me to learn more.


UX/UI Designer 

An app where parents can search for clubs for their child, sign them up, and pay dues - all in one place! 

V3 Frame 5_edited.jpg

Mastercard Hackathon

UX/UI Designer 

Allowing Mastercard users to have secure transactions online by using biometrics.  Our idea lead to my team to being first place.

Hilal CS PIC.png


UX Designer 

Helping minimize household food waste by sharing excess food within the community. 

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